EPISODE 52~ TOP TIP: Sheet Manufacturers Could Be Skipping You on Thread Counts!

Here is a top tip about something you sleep on: Your sheets! The little-known U.S. International Trade Commission recently found that foreign sheet manufacturers were shorting consumers on thread counts and issued what’s called a general exclusion order banning companies from importing sheets with inflated thread counts.
Thread count is a measure of the number of threads per square inch in a fabric and higher thread counts have long been associated with softer sheets. How inflated were they? ITC investigators found that some sheets labeled 800 thread count, were actually just 250 thread count. These problem sheets mostly came from India, Pakistan and China. New imports are banned, but existing sheets will be on store shelves for a few more years to come.
So don’t rely on a sky-high thread count when you choose sheets. The Good Housekeeping Institute says most consumers actually prefer sheets of 300 to 500 thread count.

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