EPISODE 52 ~ MAKE MORE: How Lawn Care Apps Can Make You More Money!

How did you get the idea to mow lawns and do other landscaping work through GreenPal?
I did maintenance work for 17 or 18 years. I did lawn care when I was younger and then I started doing it on the side Worked first few years through Craigslist and word of mouth.. I wanted to be outside and honestly I was getting tired of punching a clock. I decided I wanted to do it full time.
Bryan – the founder of GreenPal was with Peachtree lawn care, which I knew of. I didn’t know him personally but he was all around. His company was very large. Just this year I found GreenPal and when I found out he started it I knew he was successful.

Explain what GreenPal is.
The days of knocking on doors are gone. People want a simple app and to have it done. I jumped on board. I thought if you don’t you will get left behind. It has been blossoming ever since.

You were already mowing lawns. What did it take to get started on GreenPal?
Was harder at first. I bid what I charge and I wasn’t getting anything but I didn’t have any reviews or ratings. I had to underbid in the beginning to get started. I started doing that and now I have 30 to 35 5 star reviews. One person said doesn’t give 5 stars but mostly I have all 5 star reviews which really helps. Now I can bid my normal price. A lot of them I bid on jobs and won the bids. Some of them just contact me through the app though by account.

One of the biggest benefits is introductions to clients, right? At this point, how many direct clients do you have and how many do you have through GreenPal?
My direct clients are 40-50. And through Greenpal, last time I checked was about 121 clients.

You also do some landscaping through Greenpal. Is that a nice change of pace?
Hedge trimming, cutting small trees down, mulch jobs, planting plants..

Did you quit your regular job? Is this your entire living now?
In the off season I help my father in law flip houses.

What’s your favorite part about mowing lawns and doing landscaping through GreenPal?
I enjoy being outside. I have the best office you can find out there! Outside! I love that I can get up in the morning and I can have a cup of coffee before I start but I know what I want to get done. I am so much happier! I am happy just to be outside.

You also have more freedom and flexibility for your family, right?
I am able to spend time with my kids. If I want to go have lunch with kids at the school or spend time with them, I know what I have to do. I may try to get everything done so I can spend all day Friday with them. It is very meaningful. When you are punching a clock you can’t leave and you miss out on a lot. I have 2 step kids and 2 of my own – one is 2 and oldest is 22. We have a granddaughter born in December.

And now, the question people have been waiting for me to ask: What kind of money can you make doing yard work through GreenPal?
They could make as much money as their heart desires as long as they get out and go for it. You can make a living at it. You can make 6 figures. Easily! A hundred grand! 200 grand!

Has the money made a difference in your life?
Lots of things. You can start saving for things. A lot of families want to go on vacations but sometimes it’s hard when you get strapped down with bills. I am able to go out. We are taking the kids to Disney for a surprise this year. They have no clue. We knew what we needed so I went out and made it from mowing. We are leaving in 3 weeks – end of June. We will be there for 4th of July. My 2 year old will be so shocked. He loves Mickey Mouse.

You’ve got some tips for other people who might want to try this. I’m going to name the tip and you explain it, OK? First, you say invest in a commercial mower. Why?
You can start off with anything but if you are doing several lawns a day, get a commercial lawn mower. They are built better to withstand things. This is my 3rd season with mine. I bought mid-grade commercial – not even top of the line. You can spend $20,000 on mowers and there are times I wonder what that would be like. But that is where the wife steps in and says, let’s think about this. Take care of your equipment. I clean it once a month and keep the blades sharp.

What about pricing your services. How can people be strategic?
I have made some mistakes as far as learning the whole bidding process. Sometimes I bid too low and have to learn from that. I have done work for people and they say this looks amazing are you sure this is what I owe you. Some offer to pay extra but I just charge what I charge. Pricing jobs can be tricky. In the beginning I undercut my normal prices to get business and good reviews. That helped me get started.

There are lots of people doing lawncare. What do you suggest people do to stand out?
I pay attention to detail. One of the lawns I take care of. I saw a bigger company mowing a yard and the guy went around the soccer ball and kept mowing. I would have picked up the ball and taken it and put it on the porch but that guy just mowed around it. I wouldn’t do that and my customers know that. I pick up trash if it is in the yard. I pay attention to detail and do the best I can.

And finally, what would you say to those who would love to make a change like you did, but have to overcome their fear of change?
It is very scary when you step outside a job you are used to and not knowing if you will make it and can support your family. But stick with it. You think how can there be that much grass out there but there is.

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