EPISODE 69~ TOP TIP: Hiring an Unlicensed Contractor is Dangerous & Not Worth The Risk!

Let’s talk about the dangers of hiring unlicensed contractors. First of all, in most states, by working without a license, they are breaking the law. But did you know that in those same states, by hiring an unlicensed contractor YOU are breaking the law too? Yes, you can actually be arrested for hiring an unlicensed contractor. Another legal risk: an unlicensed contractor who gets hurt on your property could sue you –and win. These are the extremes. But even the average experience with an unlicensed contractor can be devastating. Most consumers who have contacted me for help over the years have complained that their unlicensed contractor did shoddy work. Others reported that the unlicensed contractor they hired made off with their money and did no work at all! Bottom line: it’s not worth the risk.

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