EPISODE 69 ~ MAKE MORE: Jobs That Come With The Most Money & The Least Stress

Many thanks to Woman’s Day and Business Insider where I first saw this intriguing list. The list was created by combining a database of occupations kept by the Bureau of Labor Statistics with job stress ratings of 0 to 100 created by the Occupational Information Network or O*Net.
Here are ten high pay, low stress jobs. I will list them from lowest pay to highest, although it’s tempting to rank them by stress level instead, since I know how important that is to people. But the show IS called Easy MONEY, so here goes:

10. Economist with an annual salary of $109-thousand and change and a stress rating of 59 on that 0-100 scale, with 100 being the highest stress.

9. Astronomer. $110-thousnad a year and stress rating of 62, higher than an economist. Funny!

8. Actuary. These folks use statistics to calculate insurance risk. Pay, $111-thousand. Stress rating: 64.

7. Mathmetician. Pay 113-thousnad. Stress rating: a nice low 57 —IF you are good at math. Personally, this would be a VERY stressful job for me!

6. Computer hardware engineer: Note, that’s HARDWARE, not software, which is interesting. Salary: $115-thousand. Stress rating: 67.

5. Optometrist: Salary 116-thousand. Stress rating 70. Wow, that seems high for the folks who do eye exams and prescribe glasses and contacts.

4. Physicist. These are more than just highschool teachers. Real-world physicists study how matter and energy interact in the physical world. Now, you know EXACTLY what they do, right? Anyway, they make an average of $119,000 year and have a stress rating of 61.

3. Law teacher. Lawyer is probably a pretty stressful job, but law TEACHERS have a stress rating of just 63 and make $126,000 a year.

2. Computer and Information Systems Manager. You know, these are the wonks who put computer systems in place to meet an organization’s IT goals. They make about $141-thousand a year with a stress rating of 64.

1. And, finally, the number one job for high pay and low stress: Orthodontist! Of course, because your patients are always smiling at you. ha! Stress rating 67. Not bad. But the pay jumps way up: $221-thousand, on average. I am going to have to congratulate my orthodontist when I see her. Yes, I see an Orthodontist myself. I’m doing Invisalign and loving it after never having braces as a kid.

If you would like to see the entire list of high-pay, low-stress jobs:

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