EPISODE 55 ~ Go On A Cruise Vacation Without Breaking the Bank

In an attempt to offset fuel and crew costs, cruise lines invite passengers along on these one-way sailings. Yes, I said one way, which means you will have to somehow get to either the departure point or return point, which will cost you money in airfare or gas.
BUT repositioning cruises can be as deeply discounted as half price, so it may well be worth it. The cruise lines also offer their upgraded options for less than usual. Think food and drink upgrades and gratuities for low or no cost! Sometimes they give away hundreds in credits for while you’re on board. Plus, the trip itself is longer than a typical cruise. Usually a couple of weeks total.
You won’t get to stop in as many ports as you would on a normal cruise, so it’s important that you enjoy the actual sailing itself. People with motion sickness need not apply! Ha!
But if you are ready to say “ahoy, matie” and spend as many as 7 days straight at sea, this could be for you. To find Repositioning cruises, you can either check a site like Crucon Cruise outlet or you can go directly to cruise lines’ own websites and look for these deals by focusing in on April and October sailings.
Bon Voyage!

Find repositioning cruises: www.crucon.com

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