EPISODE 55~ FIND YOURS: Does Your Deceased Loved One Have Unclaimed Money?

Remind me how you first heard about Easy Money?
From reading your column in the Washington Post.

And, Knowles, at what point did you take my challenge and do an unclaimed money search for yourself and your family?
When I first heard your podcast, I searched.

I know you found some money for yourself and for your mom. Tell me about your own unclaimed money first. Where was it and what was it from?
I found some for myself in Virginia.

How much was it?

You found more than that for your mother. Where was hers?
The District of Columbia. My Mom died in the District 2 years ago.

Yes, I live in DC and it is famous —or infamous— for it’s bureaucracy. Do you feel like you had to jump through too many hoops?
I guess my question is, do these offices really want to give the money back? They don’t make it very easy!

OK, Knowles. Everybody’s curious. How much was the missing money of your mom’s that you found?
Nearly a thousand dollars!

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