EPISODE 55 ~ MAKE MORE: Get Paid to Test the Newest Video Games

Video game testers play the game looking for errors. Whey they find one, they have to reproduce it to show it wasn’t just a one time fluke. Then they fill out a form reporting the bug and submit it.
How much money can you make playing video games? $10 to $100 an hour depending who hires you. There are even full-time quality control pros who make about $55,000 a year —more if they’re experienced. That’s right, if you test lots and lots of video games, people will pay you even bigger money to test more of them!
So… which video game companies hire people to play and test their games? Here’s a list: Nintendo; Rockstar Games creator of Grand Theft Auto; Blizzard, which makes World of Warcraft and others; Big Fish Games, Electronic Arts, Ubisoft, Epic Games, Gearbox Software and the list goes on.
Some of these companies hire through the big job sites like Indeed, GlassDoor and LinkedIn. Just use the search term “Game Tester Jobs.” Others actually have their own job pages on their websites or hire through employment agencies that have internet listings. I will link you to those from EasyMoneyShow.com/55.

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