EPISODE 48 ~ TOP TIP: Candy Kids Scam: Why You Should Not Buy From Them

here is a top tip about the Candy Kids. Summer’s coming, so soon you’ll see them downtown, on the subway, at your own front door. They claim to be selling chocolate bars or other candy for a cause. Sound familiar? The US Labor Department says 50-thousand children nationwide are involved and that they’re being exploited. Crooked adults with criminal records called candy crew leaders run these candy rings. They recruit near schools, in public housing complexes and homeless shelters and drop the kids off unsupervised for 12 hour shifts. The kids make a few cents for each candy bar they sell and often the adults dock that meager pay with various excuses. When I investigated one ring, I met kids on the street who were as young as seven. It’s painful to watch. So what to do? Call the police and your local labor deparment. And if you just can’t stand not to help these kids, you could consider giving them a “donation” instead. Tell them to keep it for themselves and not give it to their crooked boss.

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