EPISODE 48 ~ MAKE MORE: Craigslist Alternatives: 5 Websites Where You Can Get More For Your Furniture

Yes, there’s always Craig’s List or eBay, but you may be able to make more if you post your items on a smaller site where people look for nicer things and expect to pay a bit more. Here are a bunch of options that all had favorable ratings with the Better Business Bureau when I checked them out.

First, there’s Apartment Therapy Marketplace. You may recognize the name of this site that’s been providing decorating inspiration for years. But now the site also allows you to create your own furniture store and market it to the site’s apartment-dwelling audience. There’s no commission, but you can buy credits to move your postings higher on the site where they’re likely to be seen.

Next up, Chairish. That’s C-H-A-I-R-I-S-H. For this site, you take pictures and write descriptions of your furnishings and send them in. The site’s curators will give you a thumbs up or down within 24 hours. This site is meant for nicer stuff. Depending o the selling price, Chairish takes a 3 to 20 percent commission.

EBTH stands for Everything But the House. It’s more like a full-on estate sale company. In fact, EBTH even sends experts out to your house to organize, photograph and write descriptions of your available furniture. You’ll pay a 40% commission for this estate sale-style service or 15 to 50 percent for regular consignment service. The commission ranges depending how much you sell for.

Moving on, there’s The Real Real. I’ve mentioned this one for selling clothes before, but they also take high end furnishings in their “art and home” section, which gives you an idea of what they’re looking for. Customers will often pay more for items on this site because theRealReal is known for authenticating the merchandise, so people know it’s the real deal. Commission: 15-45 percent here.

And finally, allow me to introduce you to Viyet. This one is strictly for designer brands AND requires that your furniture or decor have a resale value of $1000 or more! This can also work for vintage and antique furniture. If that’s what you’ve got, Viyet will send a real live human out to your home to check out the goods. Commission: 40 to 50 percent.

There you have it, a few new-to-you options for selling furniture and other decor for more.

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