EPISODE 39 ~ TOP TIP: Carpet Cleaning: Go With The Cleaning Service That Prices By Square Foot NOT By Room

Carpet cleaners who advertise “3 rooms for $29.95” or some other low, set price, don’t really mean it.  They are hustlers who want into your house.  They’ll drag all their equipment into your house to make you feel obligated.  And then they’ll upsell you like crazy.  Want stains removed?  That costs extra.  Furniture moved?  More money.  Closets adjoining rooms included?  Pay up.  Some have even been known to take their revenge if you don’t pay more by soaking your carpets with dirty water and then not sucking it back up.  Reputable carpet cleaners charge by the square foot and it costs a good deal more than 10 bucks a room.  Oh, and for the best, most thorough job, you should hire a carpet cleaner with truck-mounted equipment, which is far more powerful than portable equipment..

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