EPISODE 39 ~ MAKE MORE: Opinions: Get Paid Extra Cash Simply By Sounding Off

Many thanks to entrepreneur.com where I first spotted these “make more” ideas.  Let me take these in order from least to most involved. 

#1: Give your feedback on new websites and apps. You know, let them know if you spot misspellings or if their navigation system is confusing.  Some of these jobs only take 5 minutes but pay $10.  Some websites that offer this opportunity: UserTesting.com, UsabilityHub.com, and validately.com.  As always, I will link you to these resources so you don’t have to remember them.  You just have to remember EasyMoneyShow.com/39, which is the Show Notes page for Episode 39.

#2: Take online surveys. You register and they contact you when you fit the demographics a survey is looking for.  Tons of companies do this.  Here are a few: SurveyJunkie.com, OpinionOutpost, and SurveySpot.  Again, you can find all of these later at EasyMoneySHow.com/39.

#3: Sign up for focus groups. This is the classic scenario where you and a group of other consumers sit around and express your opinions about some product or service, while the nervous clients watch through a one-way mirror hoping you really, really like them.  These gigs used to be very local, but now there are websites to sign up.  Try FocusGroup.com, Global Strategy Group or SIS International.

#4: Give video opinions.  I touched on this in Episode 29 and did an in-depth interview about it on Episode 37 and I’ll mention it just one more time right now.  Promise!  Companies like DScout hire people to give short video insights into their consumer habits and opinions.  These digital scouts can make hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Check it out at dscout.com.

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