EPISODE 38 ~ TOP TIP: AAA: Invest In AAA To Avoid Pricey Tow Truck Services

Instead of complaining about how my car broke down last week, here is a Top Tip that might help you if yours does.  If your car dies on you and you need to get it towed, you may be able to join AAA and get a year’s worth of towing and other services, for less than the cost of hiring a tow truck just for the one trip.  This didn’t help my husband and me because our alternator blew during rush hour, right in the middle of a busy 2-lane road where it was blocking traffic.  So we were in a hurry.  BUT!  If you are able to pull your car over to the side and have a little more time than we did, consider this:  The tow truck we called cost us $100.  But joining AAA for a year costs just $57.  If you sign up online, you will receive your membership number and temporary card as soon as you’ve paid.  You can then use them immediately to book a AAA tow truck for no additional cost.

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