EPISODE 31 ~ TOP TIP: Gym Memberships: Sidestep Ironclad Gym Contracts That Take Big Cash Out Of Your Pocket

Here is a new year’s Top Tip: Avoid ironclad gym contracts that require big money up front and make it hard to cancel if you want buns of steel.  Lots of people join gyms this time of year.  And as with all future services contracts in which you make a long-term commitment and pay in advance, there are risks. Make sure you do your homework on the gym before signing a contract.  In fact, before you join, find out if the gym offers a trial period or free guest passes, so you can try the place before you commit.  Also find out what is and isn’t included in the contract.  Better yet, sign a short contract before agreeing to extended memberships!  Many jurisdictions now require gyms to offer a short introductory membership, but when I went undercover, not ONE gym told me about this option.  So ask.  Give THEM a work out before they give you one.

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