EPISODE 17 ~ TOP TIP: Pink Tax: Beware of Companies Charging More For “Girls” Products

Top Tip time: You’ve probably heard how women are often charged more than men for things like dry-cleaning and razors, even though those products and services are the same?  It’s sometimes called a “pink tax.”  But did you know that often girls products cost more than boys products too?  I am looking at an online store as I say this, and there is a blue sippy cup advertised for $3.99.  Right next to it, the same exact sippy cup —but in pink— is $4.99!   That’s LITERALLY a pink tax!  So, what do you do about it?  First of all, we can all try to get away from this ridiculous color-coding of babies into pink and blue.  Why not buy a blue cup for your baby girl?  Second, try looking for other colors like, say, green and orange that aren’t associated with a particular gender.  And third, if this bugs you, complain!  Social media makes it easier than ever and companies DO listen.

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