EPISODE 72~ TOP TIP: If You Don’t Have Dependents, You Don’t Need Life Insurance.

Salespeople will try to sell it to you anyway, but Life insurance benefits are just meant to support family members when one of the breadwinners dies. That’s why if you don’t support anybody else financially, you don’t NEED this coverage. You may want to start a policy for the future, because the premiums are cheaper when you’re younger and healthier, but don’t let anybody tell you you need it. The one exception is if you are getting tested for a dangerous health condition like the BRCA 2 breast cancer gene. Unlike health insurers, life insurers ARE allowed to raise your rate or deny you coverage based on pre-existing conditions, so in order to qualify for a policy, you should get life insurance before you’re tested. You get to keep that policy if you test positive. You can drop it if you test negative. Make sense?

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