EPISODE 71~ TOP TIP: SCAM ALERT: Be Aware of ‘Sliding’ When Buying Car Insurance

When you purchase car insurance, beware of a sleazy tactic called “sliding.” That’s when an insurance agent slides extra coverage into your policy that you didn’t request. Roadside assistance, rental car coverage –things like that. The agent may claim the coverage is free or try to sneak it in. Often the coverage only costs a few bucks a year, but it adds up and the agent pockets more commission. Truly bold agents have been known to tell customers the extra coverage is required by law. Here’s a great and little known resource for all insurance questions: Check with your state insurance commissioner to see what kinds of coverage really ARE required. And if you have a complaint about any type of insurance, you can file a complaint with your state insurance commissioner and they will dole out justice pretty fast and furious I have found.

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