EPISODE 66 ~ MAKE MORE: Freelancer.com’s Top 50 Fastest-Growing Freelance Job Types!

It helps to know what’s hot and what’s not and freelancer.com is the largest freelance marketplace in the world with more than 29 million users and 14-million project requests, so these folks know what they’re talking about.
The Fast 50 Report analyzed over half a million jobs posted this past quarter. Here’s what’s hot, according to their study. Number one was Jobs related to business functions, which was scary for me because I didn’t know what any of the jobs WERE! For example: •Networking Technology is a business functions job. I had to look it up and Networking Technology is the exchange of data between different information systems.
•ASP is another one. That’s a microsoft program for building websites.
•And then there are jobs using “React.js.” Back to google I went where I learned that React.js is something that helps you build user interfaces from small, isolated bits of code. I still don’t really get it, but if YOU do, then you can make some good money DOING it!
Fortunately, the next category of hot jobs were right in my sweet spot, so I didn’t have to continue feeling like an idiot. Next hot category: writing jobs. Yes! Including Academic Writing, Article Rewriting and Ghostwriting.
And final hot spot from the freelancer.com study: Engineering jobs, particularly mechanical and electrical engineering.
Of course, if you want to “Make More” it also helps to know what’s NOT hot, so you don’t waste your time and you can get retrained if necessary. freelancer.com said jobs related to YouTube, Bitcoin, BLockchain, social networking and Twitter were NOT in high demand in recent months. Now THAT is fascinating, since those are such modern fields. Then again, tons of young people are already experts in those areas, so maybe there is too much supply for the demand.
Final thought: If you are unhappy in your field and choosing between different ideas, a wise friend of mine once said: pick the thing you would enjoy doing that will also make you the most money. Lists like this one can help.


Take a look at freelancer.com‘s top 50 fastest-growing freelance jobs:

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