EPISODE 64~ TOP TIP: A Way of Saving Money With Hardly Any Effort

Every time you find yourself with a $10 bill in your wallet, don’t spend it! Instead, put it aside in a grown-up cash version of a piggy bank. That pile of $10 bills will grow and pay for something you need or want. Think about it, a lot of $20 bills pass through our hands, since that’s the main currency dispensed by ATMs. So saving those would be too much. But $10 bills? They don’t come around that often, so they’re perfect for saving and starting a nest egg. A friend of mine tried this $10 bill trick and in a year she had enough money to pay for tickets for herself and her daughter to visit Ireland where they have relatives. Which reminds me, this is a great little game to start with kids who are learning math and the value of money.

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