EPISODE 49 ~ TOP TIP: Curbstoning: Steer Clear of These Illegal, Unlicensed Used Car Dealers

Hello everybody, I’m Elisabeth Leamy. And instead of rambling, here is my Top Tip. Experts estimate 80-percent of the used cars sold by what look like individual owners are actually being sold by illegal, unlicensed dealers called “Curbstoners” because they sell cars from the curb. Some telltale signs;

Cars for sale by the side of the road or at shopping centers often belong to curbstoners.

If the seller insists on meeting you at a public place, proceed with caution.
If you see the same contact phone number listed for multiple cars, watch out.
Also be cautious if there are no license plates, they’re from out of state or they’re temporary tags.

And finally, be on the lookout for recently issued titles. Most individual owners would not be selling a car so soon.
The problem with curbstones vehicles is that often they are salvage, flood or even stolen vehicles. Now you know.

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