EPISODE 46 ~ TOP TIP: Bothered by Manmade Fragrance? Know the Lingo In Order to Steer Clear

If you, like me, are bothered by the overpowering artificial scents in old products like dryer sheets all the way up to new products like scented garbage bags, there are solutions.  First of all, you should know manmade scents have been linked to several health problems, so this is real.  To steer clear, you need to know the lingo.   Unscented means that a product doesn’t have a detectable odor —but it could still contain artificial scents because manufacturers are allowed to use them in so-called “unscented” products if they are there to cover up the smell of other ingredients.  By contrast, “fragrance-free” is the label to look for if you are bothered by chemical fragrances, because it indicates no artificial smells have been added to the product whatsoever.  I will link you to several different resources for finding these fragrance-free products for your home and personal care.  at EasyMoneyShow.com/46

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