EPISODE 43 ~ SAVE MORE: Online Shopping: Find Better Online Deals For Anything You Could Image With This Great Site

What if there was a more targeted, refined way to sell stuff you no longer need?  And to BUY stuff you want, at a good price, from people you trust?  There is!   It’s called Facebook Marketplace and it is both my make more AND save more topic for this show. For the Facebook Marketplace user perspective, let’s turn to Katie Mundo.  Katie is an interior designer in Bergen County, New Jersey whose business is called Highwood Home.

Here’s a sample of questions I asked Katie:

  • I understand you have had great success purchasing unique home goods for your interior design business.  Is it just that they’re unique?  Or is it also sometimes that they’re delightfully cheap?
  • Can you give us a couple of specific examples of unique finds that were also good deals?
  • Any tips for people listening, as to how to find great things at great prices on Facebook Marketplace?  There must be tricks for sorting through the thousands of things offered and honing in on what you want.

You can find Facebook Marketplace here.

To find out more, tune check out EasyMoneyShow.com/43!

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