EPISODE 43 ~ MAKE MORE: Make Money Online: Learn Why This New Site Is An Even Better Marketplace Than Craig’s List

What if there was a more targeted, refined way to sell stuff you no longer need?  And to BUY stuff you want, at a good price, from people you trust?  There is!   It’s called Facebook Marketplace and it is both my make more AND save more topic for this show.  My guests are Deb Liu, VP of Facebook Marketplace. Also joining us is Katie Mundo a successful Facebook Marketplace user.  

Here’s a sample of questions of what I asked our guests:

  • What makes selling on Facebook Marketplace different from Craig’s List?
  • Is Facebook Marketplace one big store like Ebay or are there regional sections?
  • I always ask, so that people understand how it works: how does Facebook make money when somebody sells something on Facebook Marketplace?

You can find Facebook Marketplace here.

To find out more, check out EasyMoneyShow.com/43!

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