EPISODE 40 ~ TOP TIP: Credit Score: Raise Your Score Almost Instantly By Becoming an Authorized User on Someone Else’s Account

If you need to improve your credit score fast, one way is to be added as an authorized user to another person’s credit card account. This is a perfectly legitimate strategy if the other person is a family member or close associate. Many parents do this for their kids.  Some business partners have too.  Even though the authorized user is not responsible for paying the bill, the account – and all its history – will show up on their credit report.   Ideally, it will be a major credit card account, rather than a podunk store card.  Of course, you should make sure you are added by somebody with a good credit record of their own or this move will hurt instead of helping you.  There are lots of other, more important moves to improve your credit score —like paying your debts in full and on time— but this is a little extra  boost that can make a difference fast.

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