EPISODE 35 ~ MAKE MORE: Unboxing Videos: Earn Extra Cash By Opening Boxes On YouTube

Now it’s time for our “Make more” segment, and who would have thought that people can add thousands more to their income simply by opening boxes?

The global Unboxing trend is sweeping the web. With viewership growing by 57% over the past year, these short and simple videos are exactly what you might think: someone opening a box to reveal what’s inside. Unboxing categories are endless.  From style and shoes to new tech equipment and quirky knick knacks, anything and everything can be found …now with a suspenseful reveal on the internet.

Becoming an unboxing character has massive perks. E-commerce merchandisers hire and sponsor individuals to film themselves revealing their products for marketing and exposure. Not only are they getting paid to simply open a box, but you get to keep all that’s inside! Some unboxers are becoming YouTube sensations adding tens of thousands to their annual income.

Take Toy Box Collectibles, two individual YouTubers who teamed up to make videos featuring toys being taken out of their boxes. What started as a family-fun channel turned into over 600,000 subscribers and 100,000,000 video views!   How’s that for exposure!

I ran the Toy Box collectibles numbers through a YouTube earnings calculator and it showed that with stats like that they can easily make a quarter of a million dollars a year!  JUST from advertising.  Not counting being paid by product manufacturers!  Um, Opening boxes who knew! 

And, of course, It’s easy to start out in the unboxing industry, simply find a camera, open a box and show some personality! 

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