EPISODE 33 ~ TOP TIP: Scammers: Don’t Fall For Scams That Will Cause You To Be Bombarded By More Scams!

If you buy a cheesy product or fall for even one scam, con artists will circle like vultures and try to get a piece of you. Once a scammer or an opportunist has your contact information, they’ll sell your name to other clever crooks for extra cash. Here are a few things to avoid if you don’t want to be bombarded by scammers: First, over-the-top catchphrases like “one in a million” or “specially selected.” Second, ads in dicey places like the back of a magazine, late night TV informercials, telephone polls or spam. YOU may know this, but share with friends —maybe seniors— who may not. Be especially wary of businesses such as foreign lotteries, questionable contests, credit repair companies, and manufacturers of cheesy products. These are the people most likely to put your name on a long list of “suckers” and sell your information to more criminals! I once signed up for such a product using a fake name and the mailroom at my TV station was BURIED in come-ons. I tried it so you don’ have to!

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