EPISODE 30 ~ TOP TIP: Return Policies: Find Out If You Can Return Before You Buy

Many people think you have 3 days to return any product you buy.  Sorry to say, that’s a myth!   Every company has the right to set its OWN return policy. The myth comes from a Federal Trade Commission policy known as the 3-day “Cooling-Off Rule,” but this rule ONLY applies to sales made away from the seller’s place of business.  For example door-to-door sales and sales at temporary locations like holiday street markets.  In THOSE few unique cases, you have 3 days to make a return and salespeople are required to inform you of that right. But that’s it!  Sellers at regular, fixed locations can give you 60 days or no days or whatever they want.  In other words, before you buy, check the seller’s individual return policy and know what you’re getting into.

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