EPISODE 28 ~ TOP TIP: Holiday Donations: Make Sure Your Donation Is Going To Where You Want To Help

This time of year we all get a lot of appeals to donate to charity and I want your donations to count.  So, when people ask you for money, ask THEM if they are paid solicitors and if they are licensed.  If they’re paid, you’ll know this particular charity is spending some of YOUR donation on raising yet more money.  And if they can’t give you a license number, that means the charity isn’t on the up and up or isn’t even a charity.  The wrong answers to these questions should prompt you to do some more research before you give.  Two great resources to check out charities: give.org, which is run by the BBB and CharityWatch.org (note, that’s .org).  These groups grade charities and tell you what percentage of your money goes to the actual cause you want to support. 

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