EPISODE 26 ~ TOP TIP: Gas Station Swindles: Avoid Spending Extra Cash From Towing Companies & Gas Stations Schemes

Last week I alerted you about tow truck drivers who steal other companies’ calls and then overcharge you. Now a warning about what often happens next. This heads up is courtesy of an undercover investigation I did. We parked a car by the side of the freeway. Tow truck drivers we hadn’t ’t called pulled over to pick us up and, of course, overcharged us every time. And then every single one took us to the same gas station —A station several miles away. They made U-turns and passed up half a dozen other possible shops to take us to that one? Why? We later learned that gas station pays tow truck drivers a bounty to bring cars there. And if they’re willing to engage in that shady practice, who knows what kinds of shenanigans they’d pull when fixing your vehicle! Lesson learned: when you car is towed, always have a shop in mind and ask to be taken there and nowhere else.

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