EPISODE 19 ~ TOP TIP: Parking Garages: The Sneaky Way They May Be Overcharging You

Some parking garages set their ‘in’ clock slow and their ‘out’ clock fast, to overcharge you for parking.  I’m talking about the type of garages where you take a ticket as you enter.  Since you pay more every time you pass an hour mark, they’re motivated to make it look like you have!  For example, maybe parking for up to an hour costs $10 bucks, but if they can make it look like you parked for an hour and 5 minutes, you have to pay $20.  And so on.  When I investigated 20 garages, 2 were in the customer’s favor, 3 were accurate and the other 15 were tweaked in the companies favor!  That’s 75%!  Since most of us carry smart phones these days that keep accurate time via satellite, check the time on your ticket next time you park in a garage, and if they’re trying to pull a fast one on you, call them on it.

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