EPISODE 18~ GUEST BLOG: Help With Medical Bills: Expert Tips For Reducing Hospital Costs

By Tina Pashley, Medliminal

Here are our consumer Tips for finding and fighting overcharges on hospital and other medical bills:
Immediately request a detailed, itemized statement that details the items and services you received and the charges associated with each.
Analyze each line item and make sure you agree with each charge. Do you remember receiving that item or service? Does the associated price seem reasonable?
Any questions should be directed to the facility billing department. If your questions are not answered to your satisfaction, escalate the situation by requesting the department manager or even write a certified letter to the CFO.
Make sure you are familiar with your benefits.
Go to the appropriate facility (example: Are you going to an emergency room for non-emergency situations that can be solved by an urgent care?).
Negotiate beforehand, when possible.
When a situation can’t be resolved on your own, contact a reputable medical cost containment company, such as Medliminal.
About Medliminal:
How does Medliminal Help Consumers?
Medliminal helps all healthcare payers, such as individuals, self-funded employers, and insurance companies, pay only what they truly owe on medical bills. We find and eliminate billing errors and negotiate for fair and reasonable prices.
Not only do we assist individual patients, we also find compliance issues on employees’ medical bills who are covered under a self-insured employer. Additionally, we help attorneys with client medical billing issues. We also assist other providers, such as hospitals and physicians, stay compliant with training and audits. When these entities stay on top of medical billing issues for patients, employees or clients, the savings trickle down to all healthcare payers.

Author Name: Tina Pashley
Guest Title: Director of Public Relations, Medliminal
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Website: www.medliminal.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Medliminal/
Twitter: twitter.com/medliminalsolns
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