EPISODE 17~ GUEST BLOG: Turo: Rent Your Car as a Side Hustle By Kyle Clark, Turo Fleet Owner

1 – Know your goals 

Do you want to use Turo as a way to supplement your income? How about using the platform to afford your dream car, sharing it occasionally on weekends or when at work? You’ll want to know what kind of owner you’re going to be, because the investments required in time, finances, and effort will vary greatly. 

Will you meet renters at your home, or choose to deliver to the airport? What about requests for delivery to a custom location? Good news, Turo has many settings that allow you to choose what kinds of requests and bookings you offer.

2 – Know your market

Before placing your vehicle on Turo, or considering purchasing a second vehicle to rent full-time, get a feel for your market. Do several searches well out into the future on Turo for the city and airport(s) in your area. See what kinds of cars are available, what they usually rent for, and how busy they are. Next, check out the competition. Look at rates from the big rental agencies for various types of vehicles. Do you already own something that you could rent at a lower cost, while still putting money in the bank? Or, can you provide a unique car no one else has? Find these advantages.

3 – Know your processes

Plot out your car’s listing page before opening it up for business. Make sure you’re documenting any and all procedures for meeting renters, handing off your keys, and returning the car. List any special rules or requests you have, so there are no surprises. Craft a set of clear, thorough messages that you can copy to communicate with customers through each step of the rental.  How will you handle maintenance, and the rare mechanical failure? Problems can and will happen. How prepared you are will greatly affect the renter’s experience, and your reputation. Study Turo’s support articles and policies; you’ll know exactly what to say when a problem arises, and what you or Turo can offer to fix it. Create relationships with mechanics, car washes, detailers: especially those who are mobile and above to handle short-notice requests. 

Guest Name: Kyle Clark

Guest Title: Turo Fleet Owner

Guest Contact: www.rentcarsfromkyle.com

Guest Bio: Kyle Clark enjoys providing customers with the comfort, reliability, and value of quality car brands. He finds the best-kept, sturdy imports that work well in all four Colorado seasons.  Kyle is one of the most experienced owners in the Denver area, and the first to offer a fleet of multiple vehicles. Many other owners have used his methods and service as a model themselves. He’s even had other owners rent from him, just to learn how to operate.

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