EPISODE 17 ~ FIND YOURS: Unclaimed Funds: Discover Your Missing Money Hiding Abroad

Let’s talk about finding yours —your unclaimed money— in a foreign country.  Yes, other countries have unclaimed money stashes and some of that money belongs to Americans! 

This would usually happen if you once lived in a foreign country, but there could also be money for you in a foreign country if you worked or did business with a foreign company, or if your ancestors were from another country, etc.

So where do you look?  Well, first of all, I am always talking on this show about the website MissingMoney.com and the province Alberta, in Canada, participates with the site, so when you search on MissingMoney, Alberta is included.

The Bank of Canada, keeps a database of unclaimed accounts and I will link you to it.

I can also link you to the unclaimed property websites for British Columbia and Quebec.

Going across the pond to some of our forefathers, it’s possible to search for unclaimed money in the UK.

Ireland, home of my Leamy forefathers, also has a search site for unclaimed funds.

Australia and New Zealand have searchable unclaimed money databases.

France does too, but it’s in French so you’ll have to be able to parlais francais in order to utilize their search site.

Sweden keeps a list of holocaust victims and survivors whose money somehow ended up in Sweden. 

And finally, there’s Switzerland, known for its efficiency AND its Swiss banks, so of course the Swiss have a top notch website for unclaimed money, including money from the holocaust as well.

Here are links to all of the sites mentioned above:


Search for unclaimed money held by Australia.


Alberta, Canada: MissingMoney.com (Includes Alberta in addition to 40 US states and the District of Columbia)

British Columbia: unclaimedpropertybc.ca

Quebec: www.revenu.gouv.qc.ca/en/sepf/services/sgp_bnr/default.aspx

Bank of Canada: ucbswww.bank-banque-canada.ca/scripts/search_english.cfm?


Search for unclaimed money held by banks in France. Information is available in French only.


Search for unclaimed money held in New Zealand.


Swedish accounts owned by Holocaust victims:

www.bankforeningen.se or www.riksbank.se/


Search for dormant accounts in Switzerland.

www.dormantaccounts.ch/narilo/ is a site for Holocaust victims to search Swiss banks.



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