Episode 18


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EPISODE 45 ~ LINKS: Mystery Shopping & Unclaimed Money

Make More Legitimate Mystery Shopping Companies in Good Standing With the Mystery Shoppers Coalition: AboutFace aboutfacecorp.com/ Ace Mystery Shopping www.aceplussurveys.com/ A Closer Look www.a-closer-look.com/ Ann Michaels and Associates www.ishopforyou.com/ BestMark apply.bestmark.com?cl=IMSC_17to18 BLD Scheduling www.bldschedulers.com/ Blink Research blinkresearch.com/ Business Observations businessobservations.com/ Clear Evaluations www.sassieshop.com /sassie/SassieShopperSignup /Signup.php?EmsID =Tmedc4tiv50= Confero, Inc. www.conferoinc.com/ DSG Associates www.dsgai.com/ Eagle Eye Retail …

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EPISODE 45 ~ FIND YOURS: Unclaimed Money: People Just Like You Are Finding Five Figures Worth Of Unclaimed Money

Imagine getting a letter from your state saying that a relative left behind a big pile of unclaimed money and you need to claim it.   That’s exactly what happened to my guest.  His father passed away in 2013 and left behind a tangle of financial accounts that were hard to sort out …and one …

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EPISODE 45 ~ SAVE MORE: Hospital: Reduce Your Medical Bills By Consulting Your Doctor Before Entering The Hospital

Let’s dive into our SAVE MORE topic for today: How to negotiate a better deal when you need to go to the hospital. If it’s an emergency, you get a free pass. But if you know in advance that you are going to the hospital, you should ask for an itemized estimate of the charges.  …

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EPISODE 45 ~ MAKE MORE: Mystery Shopper: Check Out This Legitimate List Of Companies Hiring Mystery Shoppers

Brandee in Texas listened to episode 8 about making money as a mystery shopper and she wanted more resources for actually getting into the business. I am eager to please, so here goes, Brandee.  I got back in touch with Pamela Olmstead, President of the Mystery Shoppers Coalition and she very generously gave me a …

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EPISODE 45 ~ TOP TIP: Candle: Save On Candles By Extending Their Lifetime With This Special Trick

Candles are popular AND expensive, so here’s a trick to make them last longer.  Just stick your candles in the freezer for about 24 hours before burning them.  This slows down the burn rate so that your candles will burn longer… and maybe even more evenly.  Cool, huh?

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EPISODE 44 ~ LINKS: Missing Money, Free Trip Stopovers & Asking For That Raise

Find Yours MissingMoney.com Unclaimed.org Top Tip Get A Free Stopover on Your Next Trip With These Airlines Guest Blog Understand What Motivates Your Boss Website: SteverRobbins.com Facebook: www.facebook.com/stever777 Twitter: twitter.com/GetItDoneGuy twitter.com/SteverRobbins Podcast: Get it Done Guy on iTunes: apple.co/2pxxIkd Get it Done Guy Show Notes: www.quickanddirtytips.com/get-it-done-guy

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EPISODE 44 ~ MAKE MORE: How To Ask For A Raise: Make More By Using These Killer Tips To Literally Increase Your Salary

Our featured topic today is our make more segment and today I mean that very literally!  Let’s talk about how to MAKE more money by asking for and getting a raise.  So many of my “make more” topics are side hustles or entrepreneurial ideas, but I also want to give you ways to make more …

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EPISODE 44 ~ GUEST BLOG: Understand Your Boss For The Best Chance of Getting A Raise

By Stever Robbins Why do you go to work? If you’re one of the lucky few, your work ignites your passion. It challenges you. It lets you accomplish what you find most worthwhile, provides community, and helps you contribute in a meaningful way. You’d keep working even if you won the lottery. Chances are, that’s …

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