EPISODE 18 ~ MAKE MORE: Used CDs: Use These Sites To Sell Your Old Music Collection For Extra Cash

This time we’re talking about the best way to sell old CDs.

That’s compact disks, not Certificates of Deposit!   I know many many people now have everything digitized, so those old CDs could be a source of cold hard cash.  Here then, in alphabetical order, are a few different options for “making more” on your CDs.

Number 1: Amazon Trade-In, is best for those who already have accounts on Amazon, which seems like everybody these days.  You can search by UPC code or artist and album name to get your offer.  If you accept, Amazon emails you a prepaid shipping label.

Number 2: Bonavendi is best for people who want to make sure they’re getting the most for their CDs.  It’s an aggregator that checks  multiple different sites for you to see what they’re paying for that album.   Bonavendi also offers a smart phone app so you can scan your CD UPC codes and make money faster!

Number 3, BuybackExpress is great if you want to sell off a bunch of CDs at once.  The site allows you to enter 15 albums at a time, which is ultra efficient.

Number 4, Decluttr, is best for those who want to be paid fast.  The site boasts it will pay you the day after it receives your CDs in the mail.

And finally, Number 5 F.Y.E. is a great site for selling unusual or rare CDs.  The word on the street is that they pay top dollar when it’s something special that they want.

These links have funny spellings and could be hard to remember, so as always, I have posted them for you.  They are at EasyMoneyShow.com/18.

Personally, I still listen to CDs because I like to see the liner notes and all that.  If you are retro like me, consider SwapACD.com.  This site facilitates trades between individuals.  So if you’ve got CDs you don’t like anymore you can trade them for something new to you.

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