EPISODE 38 ~ MAKE MORE: Remote Jobs: Stay Flexible And Work For A Top Company By Telecommuting To Work

Today, I want to reveal the top companies for remote jobs in 2018, which could well be the top companies for remote jobs well into the future.

This list comes courtesy of FlexJobs.com, which compiled it by analyzing its own jobs database of more than 49-thousand posted positions.  FlexJobs looked for what it calls “remote-friendly” listings, which means the opening must offer some level of telecommuting.  So, some of these jobs are 100 percent work from home, others are mostly home-based and some give working from home as an option.

Interestingly, FlexJobs says about a quarter of the companies on the list also made the list the previous four years.  This shows working from home is shifting from a budding trend to an accepted practice.  In fact, FlexJobs says working from home now tops using public transit as the preferred commuting option in most large metro areas. 

One more thing, before I rattle off the list of employers: FlexJobs looked at the TYPES of positions most likely to be offered on a work-at-home basis.  There were some surprising ones that you wouldn’t normally think of as home-based: namely teacher, nurse and program manager!  More expected work-at-home positions were: writer, developer, analyst and sales rep.

OK, with no further ado, here are FLexJobs’ top five remote employers:

•VIPKID, an English language learning services company.

•Appen, a technology services company.

•Conduent, an IT company.

•Rev, a startup that itself works to give professionals more opportuneities to work from home.


•LiveOps, which offers remote customer service agents.

There are more well-known companies on the list, like Amazon, Dell, Intuit, United Health, Hilton and Williams-Sonoma.  Check out  the entire list of companies with remote jobs.

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