EPISODE 8~ GUEST BLOG: The Ultimate Insider’s Guide to Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping has been around for a very long time, yet it still mystifies most. That’s why I wrote a book to help take the mystery out of this job and get you started right away. What I’ve created is a step-by- step guide to starting, performing and reporting your “mystery shops.” Yes, a “shop” is a noun in our world!

In the book, you will find a list of legitimate companies —those that will not charge you to work for them. You should never have to pay to mystery shop. They should pay you! I also provide company websites, types of “shops” those companies perform and an explanation of what they expect from you. Right in the book, I tell you where to look for support as well as where to talk with other shoppers.

This book is called The Essential Guide to Mystery Shopping. It’s a comprehensive guide for you to start mystery shopping and making money right away.

*Elisabeth’s note: You can purchase Pam’s book here:

Guest Name: Pamela Olmstead
Guest Title: President, Independent Mystery
Shoppers Coalition
Guest Contact: www.imscinfo.com/

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