EPISODE 72~ FIND YOURS: Have You Appeared on Film, Television, or Radio? You Could Have Unclaimed Money!

It is the SAG-AFTRA union’s unclaimed residual database. I actually belong to this union because of my longtime TV career. Residuals are like royalties and are paid to performers or others when a show is syndicated and makes additional money elsewhere. For example, I have been the Dr. Oz Show’s consumer and investigative correspondent for several years now. If stations buy re-runs of Dr. Oz or if foreign countries pay to air the show, I get a residual for any time I appeared. Sometimes it’s 23 cents. Others it more like $230 dollars. Either way, I’ll take it. I’m a geek. I even cash the 23 cent checks.
If you or a loved one has worked in film, TV or radio, you should do a quick search. What I like about the SAG-AFTRA unclaimed residual database is that you can search by first name or last name —which is especially helpful if you’ve gone by more than one name such as a stage name or a married name. You can also search partial first and last names, which is great if there’s a common misspelling of your name.
I found nothing under Leamy, but found a couple dozen Elisabeth’s with an “S” instead of a Z, the way I spell my name. I mention this because it shows how robust the system is. Of course, there were hundreds of Elizabeth’s with a Z.
The SAG-AFTRA website says, quote: “You may be due residuals as a performer, loan out, or as a beneficiary/heir of a performer. If the Union is holding Unclaimed Residuals, it is because we can’t locate you. We may not have current or updated information in our database or we may not know you are the rightful beneficiary/heir.”
If you don’t find something at first but feel there ARE residuals for you and yours out there, search again! The database is updated DAILY! And I will link you to it from EasyMoneyShow.com/72.

LINKS: To search for unclaimed SAG-AFTRA film, television and radio residuals, go here: www.sagaftra.org/unclaimed-residuals

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