EPISODE 71~ FIND YOURS: How to Find Unclaimed Royalties Using a New Tool Called RoyaltyClaim.com

RoyaltyClaim.com was founded by music industry professor and consultant Dae Bogan. He says on his website: “I founded RoyaltyClaim, the world’s first search engine of unclaimed music royalties and licenses” to help “DIY musicians and rights-holders identify thousands of unclaimed entitlements. He says that in just a few months, scores of musicians have been able to find their missing money via the site “with one particular music producer uncovering nearly $150,000 in unclaimed royalties due to him.”
Bogan says the problem is that the music system is so complex —and I can attest to that, given that I’ve spent the last several episodes digging up a bunch of different potential sources of unclaimed royalties for musicians.

RoyaltyClaim attempts to bridge the many gaps by offering both free and paid searches of music royalties and also music licenses. One thing I like is that RoyaltyClaim allows musicians to search their name, but also to search other key words, like maybe the title of their most popular song.

I actually tried a free search of the site, looking for unclaimed royalties for my friend Tamara’s late beau, John. John was a prolific performer and producer. So I found 918,708 royalty records under his name just for the month of August 2018. And nearly a million more from September of 2017.

Now, I realize that you may not be a famous musician listening to Easy Money. But maybe you’re a superfan? Why not conduct a quick free search for your favorite artist and then fill them in on anything you find? It’s easy to reach out even to famous people via social media these days. And you’d be sharing good news.

LINK: Use RoyaltyClaim.com to search for unpaid music royalties: www.royaltyclaim.com/#pricing

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