EPISODE 67~ SAVE MORE: Learn How to Cut The Cost & Lower Your Chances Of Being Ripped Off While Moving

It’s called “Hybrid Moving” and it is our featured “save more” segment of this podcast. In hybrid moving, you rent a moving truck yourself, and hire movers by the hour to load and unload it.

My guest is Ryan Charles of HireAHelper.com, a site where you can find those hourly movers. Welcome to Easy Money, Ryan.

OK, so who are the helpers on HireAHelper?
Most of the service providers who advertise on HireAHelper do loading and unloading jobs for a living. Many are professional labor-only moving companies that specialize in load and unload services. Others are full-service moving companies willing to send their workers out on labor-only moving jobs. Some are individuals who aren’t necessarily professional movers, but who can provide labor.

Since some of them aren’t pros, I wonder if they’re more likely to damage your belongings?
Actually, according to the American Moving and Storage Association, the full-service moving industry has a damage claim rate of about 40 percent – meaning 4 out of every 10 consumers file a damage claim.  Hybrid moving has a damage claim rate of less than 3 percent.

If something does go wrong, what sort of protection do people have when they hire a mover through your site?
Helpers will have their insurance credentials clearly listed in their profile. When it comes to insuring your goods, there is complimentary Standard Repair Coverage available when you place your order through HireAHelper which covers $.60/lb up to $10k. If you hire a service provider with an avg review of 4.5 or better there is also Full Value coverage available for purchase from MovingInsurance.com. Rates start at $12 per $1000 in coverage.

People can also look for mover-helpers with good reviews, right?
If you booked them through HireAHelper, you’ll be able to leave a review. On HireAHelper.com the reviews you see are unfiltered, real reviews from people who booked their moving labor on this website. When selecting a Helper one of the most important things to look for is if they get good reviews from their past customers. But many helpers can also provide background checked workers.

Of course, probably the best protection of all is that hybrid movers never drive off with your stuff, so they can’t hold all your worldly possessions hostage. Is that part of the thinking behind this new way of moving?
Exactly. This form of moving is “scam-proof”. The U.S. Federal Government reports that 36 million people move every year, and one in 10 will report that their moving company is holding their furniture “hostage” for suddenly higher service fees. By controlling the transport of your own items, you also protect yourself from the most common scam in the moving industry.

So the same crew that loads your belongings, doesn’t necessarily unload it?
That depends if it is a local or long distance move. If the Helper’s service area includes your loading and unloading locations, you can hire them to unload your truck too. This works great for local moves! Keep in mind that the helpers do stay on the clock when driving between your loading and unloading locations. If your load and unload addresses are more than 50 miles apart, you’ll probably want to hire two separate helpers for the load and the unload.

How does a customer pay his or her helpers?
Part of the reason helpers like advertising on HireAHelper is that we verify their customer’s payment info. That way they know you are serious about hiring them and have the funds to pay them. So, to place a reservation with your Helper, we ask for a major credit card. Helpers never receive your credit card information. HireAHelper acts as an escrow service for you, the customer, then sends your payment to your Helper when you tell us the job is complete.

How does HireAHelper make its money?
Helper’s pay HireAHelper a commission on every completed order. SO there is no further cost to you beyond what you were quoted.

OK, so now the big question: How much money could I save by booking my move through hire a helper instead of a traditional moving company?
By self-managing the transport and letting hired laborers do all the heavy lifting, you drastically reduce the cost of moving.  A full-service move normally costing $2,600 could be done for $900 using the hybrid approach.

Find helpers to hire hourly when your moving:


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