EPISODE 64~ SAVE MORE: Wholesale Warehouse Can Save You BIG Bucks on Car Insurance!

I’ve got lots of fancy tips for saving on car insurance, like dropping your collision and comprehends coverage or raising your deductible. But those take vocabulary lessons and some thought. So here’s car insurance savings 101: Consider buying your car insurance where you buy your bulk toilet paper: a warehouse club.
If you belong to a wholesale warehouse like Costco, BJs or Sam’s Club, you can get auto insurance there. These clubs partner with some major insurers to offer group discounts to their members. Some warehouse club members have cut their car insurance costs in half by signing up.
Gregory P. of North Carolina is one of them. He says the warehouse club car insurance policy actually covered more stuff than his old policy yet cost half as much. Gregory switched both his family’s cars to the new policy and bragged about his savings online. Here’s how he did: Old, individual car insurance policy: $2,832 per year. New warehouse club policy: $1,392. Annual savings: $1,440! Woohoo! My favorite kind of savings: big bucks on something boring!

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