EPISODE 62 ~ MAKE MORE: These Two Habits Can Actually Make Your More Money!

Two separate stats I saw that describe the habits of people who consistently make more money than others do.
First up is a study by Freeletics that showed people who exercise regularly are happier than people who don’t —AND make more money too! People who make it a routine to work out make an average of $74,000, whereas those who say they never exercise make an average of just $49,000. And get this: Those who do interval training —you know, the high intensity stuff— they add an average of another $13,000 to their salaries. Oh, and these regular exercisers also have more sex than the non exercisers. Money and sex, what everybody wants, right?! Hahaha! Of course, the survey did not prove causality, so working out won’t lead to more money. BUT there is sometihng to be said for emulating the habits of people you want to be like, so time to hit the gym!
Now, here’s another healthy habit that really could help you make money: Meeting your neighbors. Saw this one in Forbes. It applies to neighbors surrounding your home, but also your office. The idea is to meet businesspeople around you, because you just may be able to do some co-marketing with them. Here are the tips from author Amanda Brinkman.
Be Open. Open to getting to know and help the businesses and businesspeople around you. She suggests introducing yourself, asking what their challenges are, and saying that if you can ever work together to address those challenges, you’re open to that.
Be bold, she says. Don’t just introduce yourself. Extend an invitation to coffee or lunch. Go more in depth in your conversation. How can your 2 businesses work together?
Next step, Brinkman says, is to be Findable. First, make the connection in person. But then make it easy for these workers and their companies to find you online with a website with strong key words that describe your business and help people find you.
And 4th, Be generous. This means being ready to help others before they help you. Think about what you can give first, before thinking about what you can get, says Brinkman.
Brinkman swears that this kind of genuine networking and support and co-marketing works, whether you run a big company or just dream of doing so. This is a little squishier than my usual “make more” fare, but seems really worthwhile to me. I hope you’ll agree.

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