EPISODE 59 ~ MAKE MORE: Do You Have a Side Hustle? If Not, Here’s Why You Should

Side hustles have gone mainstream with 37 percent of Americans saying they have one. That’s more than 44 million people!
Bankrate conducted the study that most young side hustlers —96 percent— say they work at their side gig monthly. Older side hustlers were pretty industrious too, with 83 percent saying this is something they do every month.
The most popular side hustles are home repair services, online sales, crafts and babysitting. A big chunk of those polled say they are doing these things —and more— for the sake of disposable income. There were others who said they need the extra money for basic living expenses, especially women, which on the one hand, I think: good for them for going for it, but bummer for them that they have to have a side job.
If you zero in on millennials, more than half of them have a side hustle. By contrast, baby boomers with side hustles were the most likely to make good money at it. People with a side hustle are making an average of $686 a month, but younger boomers pull in more than a thousand a month!
So, clearly, this is a hot trend and I’m happy to be tapping into it here on the Easy Money podcast, where we will continue to dig up and spell out creative, clever, satisfying —lucrative— side hustles that you may want to try on for size.

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