EPISODE 57 ~ GUEST BLOG: Glen Zubia Knows How to Get You Out of Debt

Glen’s top ten tips for making money online: www.youtube.com/watch?v=VMLC1k2qOVY

Glen Zubia, Jr is an e-Commerce Merchant from El Paso, Texas. Glen is best known for his YouTube Channel, Hustler Hacks, which has generated over 40,000 subscribers and 4.6 million views. After graduating from college in 2009, Glen went to work as a full-time graphic designer, but struggled to make minimum payments on his debts. With over $50,000 of combined Student Loan, Car Loan and Credit Card debt, he knew it was time for a big change. Glen began buying items at thrift stores and garage sales to resell on sites like eBay and Amazon.
In about a year, income from his “side hustle” had surpassed his salary. His story has been published in popular websites such as U.S. News & World Report, Clark.com and dontwasteyourmoney.com.
Glen hopes to inspire others who are struggling with money (especially after college) to take advantage of the many money-making opportunities that are available through e-Commerce.

Website: www.hustlerhacks.com/
YouTube: Hustler Hacks
Instagram: @hustlerhacks

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