EPISODE 56~ FIND YOURS: Does Your Fraternity Have Unclaimed Money?

I covered unclaimed money for sororities in episode 54, so now giving equal time to the guys. I had to recall the names of some fraternities so I could search for unclaimed money for them to give you some examples. That made me think of my college boyfriend… and THAT made me google him. …And that, in turn, had me off in the weeds checking out all my other old boyfriends. And THAT made me happy I’m married to my husband. All when I should have been prepping for this show.

But, I digress. My college boyfriend was an SAE. Sigma Alpha Epsilon, I think? So I searched for unclaimed money for the SAE house for old times’ sake. First I tried my usual free website starting point, MissingMoney.com, and found 88 listings for Sigma Alpha Epsilon. That’s even more than the Tri-delts had, so I guess frat boys are even less organized than sorority girls and lost track of a bunch of accounts. There were accounts in Tallahassee, Florida. That would be the Florida State, SAE’s, I guess. Ames Iowa, Iowa State. Evanstaon Illinois which has to be Northwestern. That’s where I went to grad school, by the way.

Next I searched California’s own unclaimed money database. Nothing for the Berkeley SAEs that I knew, but more than a thousand bucks for the SAEs in Sherman Oaks, California. I also checked Sigma Alpha Epsilon in Texas, because it seems like a Greek system state, and up popped a different fraternity, Alpha Chi Sigma, from the University of Austin. Those brothers must have been really wasted because they are missing a matured certificate of deposit —or CD— now being held by the state that is worth more than $23-thousand dollars!

YEAH, I found this in 5 minutes and this is the kind of money you might find for your fraternity. So check MissingMOney.com and unclaimed.org to see. Just type the full name of the fraternity into the Last name box. And then try different combinations in the first AND last name boxes. Need motivation? Just think of all the beer $23-thousand dollars could buy!

Search for your unclaimed money: missingmoney.com

Find your unclaimed property: www.unclaimed.org

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