EPISODE 54~ FIND YOURS: Could Your Sorority Have Unclaimed Money?

Hello, pledges! How “in” with the sisters would you be if you found money that belonged to the house? All you do is go to MissingMoney.com OR unclaimed.org —Note that’s .org— and type the name of the sorority into the last name box or try different combinations in the first AND last name boxes.

I did an experiment myself. I was a member of Tri-Delt, when I was at Berkeley, before I, ahem, deactivated —which sounds so weird. (I just wasn’t the sorority type, but they were great women….) Anyway, Delta, Delta, Delta can I help ya help ya help ya with 62 different unclaimed money accounts in multiple states? I found those on MissingMoney. Then I searched in California, because it actually lists the amounts of unclaimed money owed. California had 18 accounts for the Tri-Delts in LA and Stockton. None in Berkeley. Maybe the Berkeley Tri-Delts are too brainy to lose their money? But anyway, the unclaimed money accounts for Tri-Delts in California ranged from 57 cents on up to $2,198… with several in between. That’s just one sorority. Were you a DG? Or a Kappa? Or a Theta? Take 5 minutes to search for unclaimed money for your sisters and make their day! And, of course, in the spirit of equal timne, in the next few shows I will search for some fraternities and see what I can find for the frat boys!

Search for your unclaimed money: missingmoney.com

Find your unclaimed property: www.unclaimed.org

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