EPISODE 51 ~ MAKE MORE: How To Have A Career As A Digital Nomad

Let’s talk about living life —and succeeding in a career— as a digital nomad, somebody who travels around and works remotely from wherever they are.
Many thanks to Entrepreneur.com where I first saw this topic. One of my guests on Episode 46 was a digital nomad, Tara Smith, who works from the road as an interior designer with Modsy. So we know it can be done. But how?
First of all, if you want to do this, know that you are not alone. Data from Flex Jobs shows that 43 percent of Americans work remotely at least part of the time, so the trend is going in the right direction for digital nomads.

Here are the basics:
First, get out of debt if you’re in it. It’s hard to become a digital nomad if you’re weighed down by credit card debt.

You are not on vacation. You need to respond quickly to client requests, which means having WIFI access at all times.

Ideally you would work for yourself. Or, if you work for a company and like it, you will need to “train” your manager to accept you n to being in the office. TIm Ferris’s 4 Hour Work Week is the classic step-by-step guide on this.

Now, what sorts of jobs do other people do successfully as digital nomads? Here’s a list: Blogger, Coder, Copyeditor, Consultant, E-Book Author, Graphic designer, Social media manager, Online course creator, Translator, Transcriber, Affiliate Marketer (In other words, somebody who promotes products on their blog and gets money for click-throughs), Video Editor, Virtual Assistant, Writer, Resume Writer. (My guest on Episode 6 makes 6 figures as a resume writer and often takes her work on the road.) and one more: Tutor. What other job titles could you add? All of these have a common thread: they can be done on a computer over the internet. Easy peasy.
Still not sure you could take the leap? I’m happy to tell you that there are also now job sites devoted to digital nomads, including one called Working Nomad and also remote.co and Outsourcely. I will link you to these digital nomad resources from EasyMoneyShow.com/51.

Jobs sites for digital nomads:
Working Nomad

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