EPISODE 50 ~ MAKE MORE: How To Make it —And Make Money— In A Creative Career

Are you a creative person, full of talent but also full of fear about becoming the stereotypical “starving artist?” I’m here to tell you that It IS possible to make it as a creative. That is our featured “make more” segment this time. My guest has made it as a creative despite some real-life challenges early in her career. In this episode I interviewed author, poet, selfcare and wellness consultant and fellow podcast host Alex Elle. Here are some of the questions I asked her. Alex’s insights can help YOU take your creative career to the next level income-wise.

I think people believe you have to focus on one thing career-wise. But you are thriving doing a long list of things. Do people have to choose?

Some of your books have traditional publishers and some are self published. Any advice for aspiring authors on which to choose and how to succeed at either?

Your other main focus is as a wellness and self care consultant. How did you get into that field and how do you make a living at it?

I know you didn’t set out to become a popular presence on Instagram. But you are. You’ve got nearly half a million followers. How did it happen and what do you try to do with this platform for yourself and your followers?

Guest: Alex Elle
Website: AlexElle.com
Instagram: www.instagram.com/alex_elle/
Blog: AnotherSunday.me
Podcast: districtproductive.com/hey-girl/

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