Episode 5~ Guest Post: Advanced Tips for Searching for Unclaimed Money by Haley Evans

Our website is at www.foundmoneycharity.org. While searching for unclaimed money for others, I have learned several tricks for finding unclaimed money that may be helpful to you. Here are a few of them:

Search financial institutions where you have had money. For instance, if you had money at Merrill Lynch, there may be a claim listed with a state under the name of Merrill Lynch “in care of (your name).” These types of claims can go undiscovered because when you only search your name, the claim will not be listed, since it is listed under the name of the financial institution instead.

Search the name of companies or businesses where you previously worked. There are sometimes claims for people that are listed as 401K or other types of funds. These may be listed under the name of your former employer/s. Again, when you search only your name, these claims may not appear.

Search your name with the Pension Benefit Guarantee Corporation. If you or a family member have ever worked for a company with pension benefits, you may want to search for an unclaimed pension listed with the PBGC. You can visit their website at www.pbgc.gov. Note that some pension benefits may not be available until you reach retirement age.

Search the names of friends and family. It is a good idea to search the names of people who might otherwise not search for themselves, but who would appreciate it if you found money for them. They get their money back and you get their thanks!

Good luck!

Guest Name: Haley Evans
Guest Title: Founder
Guest Contact: www.foundmoneycharity.org

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