EPISODE 49 ~ FIND YOURS: Roundup Class Action Could Be Worth $1,000+ To You

For our find yours topic for today, let’s talk about a lucrative class action settlement involving a garden product.

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The product is Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Concentrate Plus or Roundup Weed & Grass Killer Super. The lawsuit alleged that Monsanto advertised that these concentrated products could create far more spray than they actually could. Monsanto didn’t admit fault, but did agree to pay consumers a total of 21 and a half million dollars!

Here’s how you qualify:
•You must have purchased the products for personal or household use.
•The bottles must have had a label on them that said “makes up to XX gallons.” The number of gallons varied based on the size of the product, but the important thing is that that claim is on there, near the top of the bottle.
In California purchases made on or after October 13th 2012 are eligible.
In other states the eligible dates are after April 5th of 2012, 12, 14 15 or 16. Sounds weird but it’s based on each state’s statute of limitations.
Now here’s where it gets interesting and why I thought this was worth including as this week’s Find Yours segment: the payouts are pretty big! You will get between $11 and $53 for each bottle you purchased! And you can make claims for up to 20 bottles!

Just go to EasyMoneyShow.com/49 and I will link you to the websites you need in order to get even more nitty gritty info on this big settlement.

Top Class Actions Website explains Roundup Settlement: topclassactions.com/lawsuit-settlements/closed-settlements/830927-roundup-concentrate-class-action-settlement/

The actual website of the Roundup class action:

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