EPISODE 46 ~ SAVE MORE: Interior Design: How To Save Thousands on Professional Interior Design Services

Welcome Alessandra Wood, Director of Style at Modsy, who is joining us to talk about how Modsy can SAVE people money.

We’ve heard how great Modsy is for your designers.  Now let’s talk about the client side.  How does a client start a project with Modsy?

  • They just take Modsy’s fast, free Style Quiz and share their Pinterest or moodboards to give Modsy designers an idea of their design tastes and preferences.
  • And then they Submit just 8 photos & measurements for the room they want to redecorate.

How much variety is there among retailers Modsy works with?  Can you provide decor to fit anybody’s style?

Modsy partners with 100+ top retailers to provide customers with fully shoppable catalogues of their own rooms. With a breadth of retail partners, room designs can be customized to fit each customer’s unique combination of style, space and budget. Partners range from furniture giants like Crate & Barrel and Design Within Reach.

It sounds so good that people are going to want to know cost.  Let’s put the savings in Save More, since that is the segment of the podcast this is for!  Can you briefly lay out Modsy’s two pricing tiers?

The Modsy Design Experience is $69 per room. What you get:

  • 2 custom designs laid out in your 3D room + 1 Modsy-revised design
  • Unlimited use of the Modsy 3D Style Editor.  (in beta) to swap Plus much more.

The Modsy Plus Design Experience is $199 per room. What you get:

  • 2 custom designs laid out in your 3D room + unlimited Modsy-revised designs
  • Access to your dedicated Modsy designer throughout the process to make changes and recommendations for you via phone, chat, or video
  • Unlimited use of Modsy 3D Style Editor.  Plus much more.

Alessandra Wood, Director of Style for Modsy, thank you so much for being my guest on Easy Money.  And, folks, Alessandra and Modsy have provided both a guest blog post AND a video to tell you AND show you more about how the service works.  You can find that at EasyMoneyShow.com/46.

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